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A visual diary tracking Hillery Sproatt's work, inspiration and upcoming events. 



Hillery Sproatt


After years of dreaming about visiting Japan, my mother and designer, Debra Weiss of Rebe, and I finally went. We spent two weeks traveling, taking in city after city. Modern structures with screens lined Tokyo as flocks of people, dressed alike, quietly went about their business. The countryside was beautiful as was the Buddhist temple we stayed in at Mt. Koyasan. Walking the streets of this peaceful mountain village you couldn't look in one direction without spotting a meticulously cared for shrine or temple. Our hostels were far from shabby during our brief stay in Osaka and Kyoto. Everything was clean, well designed and efficient- toilets, doors, trains. I loved it! Beauty was everywhere; small potted plants lined the entrance to nearly every home, gardens were tucked inside nooks and crannies just begging you to peer in, and the textiles were bountiful and beautiful. I loved our recent visit to the Boro Museum in Tokyo, the beautiful garden we strolled through in Kanazawa's city center, the broom and brush shops stocked full of useful treasures, the neighborhood bath house that welcomed us in Kyoto, and the wonderful antique markets cobbled together outside temples. We found everyone kind and helpful and are quietly planning our next trip...